Al Pierson

Artist: Al Pierson

Track: Jambalaya

This 1979 exercise in stumbling smoothness is one more musical act that seems to have stepped out of SCTV. Pierson apparently used to be in Guy Lombardo’s Royal Canadians, and a Facebook account I found indicates that he was still in the music game of as the summer of 2013. Good for him for exhibiting prime stickwithitness.

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Theresa Foye

Artist: Theresa Foye

Track: Is He Satisfied

Another gospel song offering everyone the chance to snicker like children at the double meanings, which I think is a valid reason to like a song. I don’t know the year this was made, sometime in the 1970s to be sure, but the talent on it seems to originate from the Woolwich-Wiscasset Baptist Church in Wiscasset, Maine, located right there on Route 1. Take a road trip!

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Kidder and Sons Inc

Artist: Kidder and Sons Inc

Track: Introduction Whittier Chorus/Kidder Opener

This 1972 concert captures the singing group helmed by Lt. Col. Donald Kidder, who realized that his military transfers made it impossible for him to get a regular slot in any barbershop quartets. Military guys are always obsessing about that. Crafty Don realized he had three sons, which meant next thing he knew, Kidder and Sons Incorporated was proclaimed “the most entertaining foursome in Barbershop Quartet History.” That doesn’t sound like it’s too hard a distinction to win, 

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The Brothers Zim

Artist: The Brothers Zim

Track: Matai Yavo Hashalom

They look like characters on SCTV, don’t they? Their music reflects that. Though there is barely a trace of them online, the back of this 1972 slice of groovy Israeli pop claims that Paul and Sebastion are “one of today’s busiest singing acts.” They just don’t say busy at what, so it’s technically not lying.

It also says that “in a few short years they’ve worked together in every sense of the word” and that they “have shown an uncanny sense of HERE and NOW at being able to talk TODAY’S LANGUAGE.”

It continues, “In this latest record release they bring to you the HERE and NOW EXCITING GROOVY sounds for a whole new generation of ‘TODAY PEOPLE.’ The response is that this is the best album combine the ‘NEW SOUND’ on the Israeli-English market. So … if you want to be ‘IN’ the ‘IN GROUP’ get out a become part of the HERE GENERATION. TRAY THEM … YOU’LL LIKE THEM.’

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Inez Smith

Artist: Inez Smith

Track: Royal Telephone

You never really know when a record you buy is going to be pure gold, so I’m pleased to say that this is one of those times. From Smith’s spirited attempt at singing to the band’s spirited attempt to play together - particular nod of the hat to that drummer - to the amazing lyrics and concept of the free Royal phone to Jesus, this is just pure magic from South Berwick, Maine.

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Jerry and Judy Leonard

Artist: Jerry and Judy Leonard

Track: Swingin' on a Star

When I picked-up this 1983 album, I just thought this was going to be a cheesy country western record. I didn’t know it was going to be a religious cheesy country western record, let alone a pseudo-Hindu cheesy country western record. Here is the Wikipedia entry on Eckankar, which is a sort of … um … I dunno, but that’s what they’re “swingin’ on a star” with. Another song on the album is “The Eck Stream” and there’s also “Light and Sound of Sugmud,” which all refer back to Eckankar. The one thing I understand about it is that it involves your soul traveling to different planes of existence, and there is apparently no stigma against country music.

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William WH Gunn

Artist: William WH Gunn

Track: A Day in Algonquin Park - Side 1 cast list

This collection of nature sounds from Algonquin Park in Canada contains this cast list of the “leading performers” on each side of the record, delivered in the exact voice you’d expect from someone doing a record like this. Here’s a birding board with some recollections of William Gunn and his work on nature programs for the CBC during some unexpectedly recent chat.

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Peter Palmer

Artist: Peter Palmer

Track: Love Is Just Around The Corner

I don’t see much about Palmer online, but this 1960s album reveals he’s a musical jack of all trades - he’s been a manager, a disc jockey, all sorts of stuff - and here he pairs horns with human voices for maximum cocktail elegance or silliness, depending on your point of view. The back cover claims  that he “places great emphasis on the audio effect” and that “he’s been a sound fan for 6 years,” therefore “his Glencoe, Ill. home is a hi fi fan’s dream.” You can actually buy your own copy of this one digitally.

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Don Wyrtzen, composer

Artist: Don Wyrtzen, composer

Track: The Times and the Seasons

Here’s a jaunty easy listening song about the end times from a 1974 concept album documenting the same. There are composer notes from Don Wyrtzen on the back, explaining just how serious this piece of music is, and also information for ordering a tape version with no vocals so you can put on your own production.

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Lincoln Elementary School Chorale Group

Artist: Lincoln Elementary School Chorale Group

Track: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

There is nearly no information on this record other than tracks and the teachers’ names, but it was recorded by a Rochester, NY company, so I assume Lincoln Elementary is somewhere in Upstate New York. No date anywhere, but this smells of the ’70s to me.

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Old people sing a rousing rendition of Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” filmed clandestinely at great danger. This is what goes on behind closed doors.

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Artist: Sharalee

Track: He Came

This is not a song about Jesus seducing a woman and achieving orgasm, though the lyrics often suggest otherwise. This is a testament of giving yourself to the love of a man who happens to be Jesus. Or something like that that doesn’t even remotely sound like a seduction at any point of the song. Of course, Sharalee does reveal she is a minister’s daughter, and also that she was saved from the spiritual gutter by Pat Boone on his porch one midnight. And then he came! Enjoy this slice of 1975.

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The Young And Free

Artist: The Young And Free

Track: Wooden Cross

From the “ba-ba-ba” chorus to the thumping funky bass and the crazy ass organ, this is some great groovy gospel music from 1971. 

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